• Screening of hundreds of therapeutic antibodies for rapidly selecting the best candidates
  • Precision information on the binding site of your antibodies
  • Functional characterization of the epitope: identify the amino-acid residues required for antibody binding (these may include both antibody contact points and regions required for producing the "right" antigen conformation)
  • Profiling of patients' sera for biomarker detection
  • Profiling of vaccinees' sera for identification of the antigen regions targeted by the antibody response
  • Epitope engineering to optimize structure-based vaccine development
  • Selection of the best adjuvant to target the desired epitope
  • Evaluation of protective effects of vaccine candidates, in in vivo and in vitro models
  • Screening of B cell/plasmablast/hybridoma culture supernatants for finding clones with the desired epitope specificity in the early phases of monoclonal antibody production
  • Quality control of vaccine batches

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